Proudly Engineered And Made in USA

Light Vector® Lasers represent the latest in custom laser technology, combining top-of-the-line diode technology with unprecedented flexibility and performance. Light Vector lasers are manufactured in the United States and have been certified to meet all CDRH requirements. Connection to the console is via cat 5 or DMX cabling, and Light Vector’s LV Series scanning lasers come with Beam Composer hardware on board and software enabling full control of lasers via the console.


Light Vector LV25

The LV25 is a 25-watt full color RGB diode powered scanning laser projector that comes with Beam Composer on board as standard hardware. It is ideal for large indoor venues and outdoor events. This is a reliable laser system that is sturdy and designed for touring.

Light Vector CS10

The CS10 is a white-balanced 10-watt RGB laser projector which has been specially designed for audience scanning effects. The projector is fully DMX controllable and at only 18 channels, simple yet extremely versatile. The proprietary high speed scanning engine allows for the laser effect to be tighter and brighter, while still remaining FDA compliant.

Vector Beam

The Vector Beam is a modular laser array designed to create unique laser looks. Each unit outputs 10 parallel 1-watt white balanced RGB beams with 4” spacing. The Vector Beam maps as a DMX controllable 30 channel fixture. With the ability to control each beam’s RGB intensity, the Vector Beam can add a special visual aesthetic to any production.

Vector Node

The Vector Node projector can be used in highly variable and asymmetrical configurations due to its small footprint. Each node outputs a 1-watt white balanced RGB beam that is fully DMX controllable, mapping to a three channel fixture. With the Vector Node endless creative configurations are possible.