America’s Got Talent, Season 15

  Light Vector lasers have appeared on America’s Got Talent since 2011. In 2015, seven Light vector LV25 scanning laser projectors, 30 Vector Beams and the “Cyclotron” were integrated into performances. The video above features contestant ‪Alicia Michilli‬ singing‪ “Ain’t No Sunshine” ‬during the semi-finals of‪ America’s Got Talent 2015‬.‪ ‬

Light Vector lasers installed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

In October 2015, four LV50 and two LV60 Light Vector scanning laser projectors projectors powered by Beam Composer were installed permanently in the Staples Center — complete design and control of these lasers happens through the console. The lasers pictured above during the LA Kings player intros at their 2015 season opener against Sharks.

Lady Antebellum “Wheels Up” Tour

  Our Light Vector scanning diode laser projectors (LV20 series) with Beam Composer were used throughout the Lady Antebellum’s “Wheels Up” 2015 tour. Lighting designers Paul “Arlo” Guthrie and Tony Caporale integrated them into the show design after having a chance to use the lasers in our demo room.

Nashville, Episode 18

Light Vector lasers powered by Beam Composer were integrated into the design for Christina Aguilera’s performance on ABC’s dramatic series Nashville.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses used Light Vector lasers during their 2012-2013 Appetite for Democracy Residency at The Joint in Las Vegas